The Holiday Series is Coming Soon

Once November arrives, I am ready for everything: Christmas music, candles flickering, cinnamon and cloves smelling, puppies in Santa hats, and babies in Christmas jammies. Twinkling lights and steaming mugs or coffees.

I am ready to feel the warmth of a gathering around a dinner table despite our differences and imperfections. I am also prepared to find joy in tradition, reflection, and togetherness.

I am ready to celebrate the holidays, from the surface level all the way down to the soul level.

One week from now, our brand-new Holiday series will be on its way!

What is the Holiday Series?

Holiday Series contains 12 tried-and-true, classic recipes that you can enjoy with your family. In my experience, these are recipes that can create moments of comfort, joy, and intentionality. This series will feature eight new recipes as well as four old favorites.

I hope that these recipes will inspire you to make special memories and moments with the people you care about. Imagine holiday meals with the family around the dinner table, cookie-baking with your children, happy hour snacks and friends with a bottle of wine, or lazy mornings at home sipping coffee in your Christmas jammies and enjoying brunch.

Next week, we’ll be releasing new recipes! Sign up below for our emails to ensure you never miss out on a tasty thing.

What kind of recipes can I look forward to making?

I hope these recipes will inspire you to take a deep breath, savor the moment, and turn food into an experience, memory, or moment. These are recipes to be enjoyed on special occasions.

All of these recipes are more delicious than normal. Here are a few highlights and things you should look out for:

  • A really great green bean casserole
  • An over-the-top baking scenario for fall involving cinnamon apples, pumpkin biscuits, and mapley whipped creme
  • Chocolate cookies that change your life
  • Swedish meatballs are absolutely delicious
  • The cinnamon roll recipe that I have been making quietly (and enjoying) for the past five years

This series is sure to meet you where you are this holiday season. We could all use a few love-filled, humane, delicious food moments after a couple of heavy years.

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