Soup Series Wrap-Up

When the weather changes, I make soup at LEAST TWO or three times a week. This is not an exaggeration. It’s like my entire life has prepared me for this series. And it was as delicious, fun, and cozy as I imagined.

I hoped that the soup series would be a great way to get you inspired as you plan your menus for the coming months.

Many of you have achieved this with the series. Your stories about the soups that you make, for whom or what, what made you happy, what changed, and how they improved your day are what I live for. We appreciate you cooking with us and sharing these moments.

We’re looking back on the series today – the most delicious and memorable moments, some of your soup pictures, and what you have said about it. This is like a slideshow of the end of senior years… but with soups. It’s very normal.

The Soup Series is Great This Season

Few things are more autumnal than coming home from an apple orchard and slipping into your coziest hoodie. Open the windows, then start a pot of hot soup.

Can we consider soup a food category? It’s always a good idea to make soup in the fall, especially if you live in the Midwest. This is a great weekend project. You can use it on weeknights. It’s a great addition to a holiday meal. It can be made meaty, or meatless, or quick-cooked. You can throw any ingredient at it, including CSA vegetables. It can easily be shaped to fit your needs (dairy-free, gluten-free, or any other thing).

The Soupys

The Soup Series is back with some highlights! We’re giving out the Soupy Awards to our favorite soups.

Imagine the Academy Awards or, even better, the Dundees. But without any fashion mistakes or Michael Scott moments. This is a great way to channel Michael Scott. Could that be so bad?

Here are some of the highlights and noteworthy mentions in our soup series.

Best Soup for Dippers

Didn’t you expect less from our favorite White Bean Soup, Kale, and Sausage? Herby Italian sausages, kale, and smoky paprika-flavored paprika are combined with creamy potatoes and beans, as well as a splash of cream. It’s a soup that you must make this season! This is the kind of soup that you want to eat with your hands, so use all the extras! This soup is great for slurping up the broth or scooping up chunks. The torn croutons are the perfect match.

The Best Mushroom Soup

You’ve got to try the Creamy Mushroom soup. Earthy mushrooms in a velvety broth with onions, shallots, and white wine. The flavors are complex, comforting, and delicate at the same time. And the thinly sliced mushrooms give it an extra-special touch. This is a soup that’s out of this world!

Best Soup for Cozy Couch Weeknights

It’s the Smoky Red Lentil Soup With Spinach! This soup is vegan and loaded with vegetables, red lentils, coconut cream, and lots of spices. This is the perfect dish for the coldest months of the season!

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