Pumpkin Soup with Walnut Crunch

Fall doesn’t happen if you don’t have a rich, creamy, pumpkin-flavored dish on your table. Does the Soup Series count if you don’t stir this rich, velvety soup?

We’re here to keep all the promises of autumn with this simple, mellow pumpkin soup.

Even roasting the whole (tiny) pumpkin is easy. The soup is incredibly luxurious, and the walnut crispies, which are sweet and spicy with a hint, add a lot of texture and flavor. You can also sprinkle some gruyere flakes on top to get little salty cheese pieces throughout. Why are you asking? You could add some fresh thyme for flavor and color. Now you’re talking.

Minimal Ingredients, Big Flavor

You may or may know that we like to fake it up around here, and this soup certainly fits into that category. This soup is made with a very short list of ingredients to achieve the big flavors of fall. The roasting looks fancy, with two pumpkin halves roasting with garlic and herbs. But it’s really just a simple chop, scoop, and slap in the pan. Let those lovely, mellow fall scents fill your home.

After roasting, you can blend up the savory pumpkin with garlic, Thyme, and caramelized garlic cloves, along with some broth and cream, until it becomes silky smooth.

You can roast a whole pumpkin!

It is best to use a whole pumpkin if possible.

  • The flavor is deeper and richer.
  • This is so. DARN. BEAUTIFUL.
  • Roasting garlic is a must, as it has a delicious flavor.
  • You will feel like a fall food superstar after you make this pan of golden-roasted pumpkin halves with garlic and sprigs of thyme. You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work.

It also seems like a fun way to enjoy the fall season by roasting a gourd. If you don’t have a gourd and you don’t want one to be pulled from your porch decoration, you can use canned pumpkin. We haven’t tried it. The whole thing would have to be moved to the stovetop, and the in-pumpkin roasting of garlic would not be possible.

How to Make Pumpkin Soup from Scratch

This method/idea was first discovered by watching an old Gordon Ramsay video that has a lot of holiday-like vibes. Gordon (can we still call him Gordon?) We used a larger, very festive pumpkin but are in love with the cute little sugar pumpkins, which are about the same size as a butternut (which you could use, too, if that’s what you prefer). The soup can be roasted in 45 minutes, but the time will vary depending on how big your pumpkin is. Roast, blend, assemble, eat. We love a simple roadmap.

  1. Place the pumpkin on a sheet pan, cut it in half, and scoop out the insides.
  2. First, cut the garlic bulb in two, remove any papery parts, and rub it all over the pumpkin. Place the garlic cloves in each pumpkin half, along with a few thyme leaves. Drizzle oil over everything. Take a photo.
  3. Roast the pumpkin, then remove the flesh. Puree it with some garlic cloves and the broth.
  4. Add a bit of half-and-half to the pureed soup and season it to taste.
  5. Enjoy forever

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to decide on the toppings. YOU KNOW THAT WE LOVE TOPPINGS. All of these are great: cheese, apple slices, herbs, crunchy kale chips. You will not regret making some walnut crispies to toast for this. Please do it! Promise?

Let’s Talk Walnut Crispies

These walnut crispies deserve a love letter of their own. They are so good. These are leftovers from the pumpkin spaghetti that was popular in years past. They just needed to come back into rotation. They’re easy to throw on the pan when you’re roasting your pumpkin.

Once the walnuts are roasted and fragrant, add a little cayenne butter and brown sugar to the pan. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, and let the walnuts soak it all up.

The nutty crisps will cut through the richness of each creamy, velvety bite with their hint-of-sweet, savory nut crisps. You have really won our hearts, walnut crispies.


Pumpkin Soup

  •  1 Whole small pumpkin. If you are 1 Butternut squash (see notes)
  •  1 Head You can also find out more about the following:
  •  A few sprigs: The following are some of the most effective ways to increase your ROI. You can also find out more about Thyme. I prefer Thyme
  •  Olive oil
  •  3 – 4 Chicken or vegetable broth This depends on the size of your pumpkin and how thin you would like to make the soup.
  •  1 Half and half or cream (optional)
  •  Half a teaspoon Salt

Walnut Crispies

  •  1 cup Walnuts chopped
  •  One tablespoon of melted butter
  •  2 Brown sugar, two tablespoons
  •  1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)
  •  1/2 teaspoon Salt kosher (more taste)
  •  Black pepper taste
  •  For toppings, shredded Gruyere & kale chips For topping


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Half the pumpkin or squash (side by side for a pumpkin and lengthwise for a squash). Take out the seeds and pulp of each half. Use a knife to score the surface of the squash or pumpkin so that the flavors will be absorbed well when it is roasted. Place the pumpkin or squash on a baking sheet.

Cut the garlic head in half (side to side). Half the garlic (side by side). Garlic on the surface of the squash or pumpkin. In each cavity, tuck a little thyme or garlic. Sprinkle with Salt and olive oil. Roast for 45 minutes or more, depending on size.

In a small bowl, combine the Butter with brown sugar, pepper, and Salt. Add the walnuts and squash to the pan when the timer sounds. Toast for 8-10 more minutes.

The walnuts can be tossed with the mixture of Butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon right on the baking sheet. Scoop the flesh from the pumpkin or squash and combine it with 3-4 roasted garlic cloves in a blender. Remove the herbs. Add 1 cup of broth, and puree the mixture until smooth. (You may have to work in batches to achieve your desired consistency.)

Add half-and-half to the pureed soup and season it with Salt. Adjust to your liking.

Serve this silky smooth and mellow soup with brown sugar walnut crispies. You can also add grated Gruyere, apples, Thyme, or any other toppings you want. I like it all.

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