Kale Apple Salad With Crispy Shallots

This kale-apple salad is one of those salads I look forward to having. This salad is extremely delicious: kale, brussels sprouts, sweet and crunchy apples, rosemary cashews, and fried garlic bread with cheese. It also has dried cranberries and golden crispy shallots.

How to Make Kale Apple Salad

Chop your Brussels sprouts, kale, and apples.

It’s not necessary, but because I am particular about the salad texture, I prefer to use a mandoline and a food processor for the kale.

You can save time by buying pre-shredded kale or Brussels sprouts, OR you can throw everything in the food processor as we did here.

Fry your cheese.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I’m a huge fan of the garlic bread from Trader Joe’s. It’s delicious when I pan-fry the cheese in cubes.

Frying your shallots

You can use store-bought crispy onions, but if you have the time, I highly recommend fried shallots! If you don’t have time to fry shallots, store-bought crisp onions will do. They are made in the microwave. The recipe is below.

Dressing and serving!

Toss your Dressing in, then have fun.


  • 4 cups chopped kale in a food processor
  •  2 Brussels sprouts Finely shred with a mandoline
  •  4 Shouldots Thinly sliced
  •  1/4 – 1/3 Vegetable oil
  •  1 – 2 Larger Honeycrisp Apples
  •  1 Cashews with rosemary The shaved limbs I bought Planter’s Rosemary Sea Salt Cashews at Target
  •  1 Block Garlic bread cheese, cubed. I get mine from Trader Joe’s, but halloumi could be substituted.)
  •  Salad Girl Crisp Apple Maple dressing Dressing of choice (or any other clothing)


  1. Cut stuff up: Shred your kale or Brussels. These can be stored in containers and used to make salads all week long! Chop the nuts and apples, and then set them aside. If you don’t wish for the apples to turn brown, sprinkle them with lemon juice.
  2. How to make shallots: Fry shallots until crispy and golden in a little oil on a skillet or the microwave according to the instructions in the notes section.
  3. Fry bread cheese: Cube the cheese and fry it in a nonstick pan over medium heat until it is golden brown.
  4. Assemble: Toss together kale with Brussels sprouts, apples, shallots, and cashews. Add the Dressing. Salad bliss! Enjoy!

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