3 Tips for Finding the Best Coffee Service for Your Business

Many people enjoy coffee as part of their daily routine. It can improve workplace productivity and employee happiness. You’ll need to find a reliable and reputable provider if you are considering changing coffee providers or just starting to serve your employees. Here are 3 tips to help you find the best coffee in waihi beach for your business.

  • Do your research

Research is the key to making a well-informed decision about your office coffee service. Ask other local businesses who they work with, collect quotes, read testimonials and reviews online, and get quotes.

Remember that the coffee suppliers’ offerings will vary. Some beverage providers offer packages that include water, tea, and snacks. When you are conducting your search, pay attention to details such as the length of time a company has been in operation and what equipment they offer.

Don’t forget, no matter what you choose, to taste test your favorite choices! Nothing is worse than a bad cup of coffee.

  • Ask questions

After you have narrowed your choices down, ask questions about the vendor to better understand their offerings and customer service. Here are some questions to ask:

  • What is your minimum order requirement? You can then determine if the vendor’s service parameters are compatible with your office.
  • Do the machines come with the coffee or only the coffee? While some service providers offer coffee and nothing else, others include the equipment. The best beverage provider will be able provide the machines that your office requires. Ask if maintenance is included in your contract.
  • Is it possible to sample the coffee prior to making a purchase? This will ensure that you are getting a high-quality product. Most coffee services offer this service for free.
  • Consider your options

You can create a scale of 1-5 and assign each option a number for each category.

  • Service: Is it easy to contact them? Do they answer your questions with a smile? Are they quick to respond?
  • Product Portfolio What type of coffee products does the company offer? What brands do they represent? Are you able to choose between local and national brands of coffee? You can also get tea, kombucha and other drinks from the vendor ?
  • Reputation: What are the online reviews saying?
  • Delivery: Does the delivery schedule work for you? Are you able to store the goods?
  • Personality : Do you get along with the staff well? Does the culture of the vendor match yours?



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